Vacation of Silence

Good morning, Brie. It’s Tuesday.

I notice that you didn’t post yesterday; I hope everything is okay, and that it just slipped your mind.

Today is one of those low energy, “I hope the regular sky breaks through the horrific smoke clouds” kind of days, so I have been lazily looking through writing prompts in the hopes that something will catch my eye. The prompts are making me laugh (or insert appropriate emotions response to each individual prompt), but not really getting any of my mental gears going.

This can only mean one thing – I need something with more structure. It’s time to make parody lyrics to a song I don’t know.

Step One: Use Google to find “popular bands of 1980’s”.
Step Two: Choose Duran Duran, because I really only know of that bad from “Grade 9” by The Barenaked Ladies.
Step Three: Hit up the Wikipedia page to look for discography/song information.
Step Four: Choose the album from the year I was born.
Step Five: Pick up number between 1 and 10 to determine which track to parody. I picked 2, “American Science”
Step Six: Get lyrics off the interwebs.
Step Seven: Copy and paste lyrics, then change them to create a different song/poem with the same flow. Do not listen to the original song.

See results below.

It’s a quarter past eight now,
And there’s much to do
Rushing to get this paper done,
It’s due today by two.
And if I can get this done,
I’ve got to get away.
I can’t handle much more jargon,
’cause my mind is full of it.

I need a different pace. Ooh.
Where my heartbeat doesn’t race. Ooh.

Ooh. Vacation of silence.
All night long I sleep nightmares away.
Ooh, sprawling in the darkness.
Deadline is coming, wait and let me think now.

A little exhaustive daydream overcomes me, eventually.
There isn’t a way I can postpone
So I’ll submit last minute.
Blurry eyes debate.
My mind is a foggy daze,
Like forest fires blaze
In unending dances.

I need a different pace. Ooh.
Where my heartbeat doesn’t race. Ooh.


Ooh, it’s submitted all online now,
And this time I will let it all get
Off my mind when I rest tonight.
I just switched off the word processor.
I need a different pace. Ooh.
Where my heartbeat doesn’t race. Ooh.

[CHORUS (Repeat for FADE)]


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