Gearing Up

Good afternoon, Brie. It’s Monday.

I recently remembered that after GeekGirlCon’14, I wrote a list of all the things (books, shows, movies, music, websites, et cetera) that had been recommended during panels I attended. It took some searching of my computer and Google Drive, but I finally found said list, and have accomplished very little. I am not all together daunted by this. It isn’t as though I have been sitting around doing nothing when I could have been reading/viewing items from this list. I have read a lot this year, thanks to my sudden influx of non-employed time. I have watched a lot of shows on Netflix. I even recently watched an episode of Criminal Minds in which they mention VidCon, which made me Tweet at Hank with glee and pride.

I’m gearing up to have even more interesting content mentioned to/around me at GeekGirlCon’15, and to be excited about all of it, and to get through at least some of it. We both have the issue of having many, many unread books in our respective houses (but we still get things out of the library/buy more books/borrow books), and I am chosing to see it as a great problem to have. I have an incredible love of fiction.

I’m gearing up for the adventure of traveling, even though it is a path I have taken many times since our first trip together. I enjoy Seattle. I also got a sort of drinking passport from The Pike Brewery on my trip to Seattle last June, so I’m going to want to hit the brewery up for a pint or two if we have time. They are open 11am – Midnight daily, so I’m sure that can be arranged for one of our evenings.

I’m also gearing up for something else. I made a recent declaration on Facebook about wanting to actually start making YouTube videos. I plan to write some loose scripts/mull over some ideas for the time being, and near the end of October, I will have a friend coming to town who has volunteered to teach me some video editing (he is, among other things, an editor, as well as a lovely human). I think that you and I should plan a series of videos together, so let’s discuss that on the Clipper (assuming no one amusing sits with us this time around; either way, let’s chat).


What do you think?

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